DMCA Takedown Agent


Digital Millenium Copyright Act:

It is funny to think that this act is over 10 years old and very outdated considering the spread of the internet from computers to things like your fridge.

Can you be sued for your own content?

Copyright Trolls may be trying to sue you thing written by commenters

A DMCA takedown agent can help protect you from lawsuits related to online content, whether it is copyrighted by you or others. In some cases, commenters or others may come along and put copyrighted content into your blog content, and you could be liable. By registering as a contact point for the DMCA, and spending $105 to do it, you effectively can pre-empt this kind of action by creating a timely mechanism for you to remove/reply to offending content. Under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, you may have the same standard as YouTube or other online sites where you can get notified by potential litigants, instead of being sued.

Who is suing under DMCA? Surprisingly, this is a new revenue stream for third parties who buy the right to sue for any article or excerpt which may be present on other websites anywhere. If you have a wordpress blog, and someone comments with a paragraph from a news article, you could be liable unless you are the DMCA takedown agent for that particular item.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This site is not meant to be mistaken for Digital Millenium Copyright Act Advice from a licensed attorney.